An initial consultation takes up to 1.5-2 hrs and follows the completion of a health questionnaire, which you will be sent beforehand. The naturopathic approach involves the taking of a detailed case history. Sometimes seemingly unrelated symptoms can be part of a much bigger picture, which only becomes apparent when all aspects of your health are discussed.

During the consultation I will ask you about your medical and family history, dietary and lifestyle habits and we will talk through each of the major systems of the body and the symptoms you are experiencing. I may also ask to have a look at your nails and tongue, or to take measurements.

By listening to your history and looking at the interactions between genetic, environmental, dietary and lifestyle factors affecting your health, I can start to identify where changes are needed.


After taking your case history I will put together a personalised plan containing structured food and lifestyle recommendations and suggested nutritional or herbal supplements. I may also advise further testing (either through your GP or with one of the private labs I work with) if I feel this is necessary.

Devising your Plan is a participatory process. It needs to be realistic and manageable for you and it is important that you understand the reasons behind my recommendations.


Follow up consultations are generally 3- 4 weeks later and are an opportunity to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments. Its important that you come back for your follow-up consultations, as some of my recommendations may only be interim, short-term measures and may not be appropriate for the long term. I’ll need to see you for at least 1 follow-up consultation, but it could take more depending on your situation (especially if you have a chronic health condition).

A naturopathic consultation may be the first time you’ve had the opportunity to talk about your entire health journey and the process can be therapeutic in itself. Everything you tell me is confidential and occurs in a safe, judgement free space.

Consultations are available face-to-face either in clinic or by phone/skype. Home visits may also be arranged in certain circumstances.

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